Wednesday, April 18, 2012


My younger son can never do anything just half way.  Everything need to be special, and that includes Valentines.  No store bought items for him!  He believes that all girls should get flowers on Valentines Day, so we made each girl in his class one.  The rose is from Rock Princess. 

The boys had to have something boy-like, and every since our trip of Roswell last year, my youngest has been in love with aliens.  As a result I had to buy Space Party, and this project gave me the excuse to use it.

Finally, the teacher had to have her cliche apple.  His teacher got two tubes of candy, one for her and one for her baby (she was pregnant at the time and has since had a beautiful baby girl). I used a Peachy Keen stamp on the face.  All the tubes are from Jaded Blossom which I filled with the Valentine M&Ms. 

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

And Now for Something Completely Different

Since my posts have all been cards, I have decided to go in a completely different direction.  I love using vinyl to decorate the front of an inexpensive scrapbook album to give it a nicer look.  Here is a book I recently completed after our trip to Las Vegas. 

 I love the corners from Cricut's Storybook cartridge and use them a lot.  The letters are from Cindy Loo.

My boys also like to find ways to make scrapbooks for their school assignments (knowing that Mom has a large stash of things to choose from).  Last year my son was given the challenge of making a timeline in a creative way.  He came up with "God's Notebook".  We used an album I got on clearance from Michael's and added vinyl lettering.
Needless to say, he got an "A"!!

Monday, April 16, 2012

Everyone Gets One Do-Over, Right?

Yes, my last attempt at keeping myself motivated by posting to my blog was, as the kids say today, an "epic fail."  However, I'm picking myself up, wiping myself off and starting all over again. 

I think I'll post a card I made for a friend of mine.  She is an awesome mom and business woman, and she knows how to have fun.  I totally admit that I snagged the phrase from another card I saw, but for her it just fit.  I love to print on vellum and then print it out.  This way I can adjust the size and font to whatever the card needs.

The cut is from Cricut's Rock Princess.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Ho Ho Ho!

The kids' school supplies and clothes have been purchased, so that means Christmas shopping as officially on in our home!  We have to start this early since we also have my one son's birthday plus four niece and nephews birthdays between now and the holidays.  With that in mind, here is another Christmas card I created with Paper Dolls and, of course, Peachy Keen stamps.  I love a good gel pen--just a little line on Santa's boots really helped kick them up a notch!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

On Your Mark, Get Set, Scrap!

The main purpose of this blog is to keep myself motivated to craft. If I entertain and/or educate at the same time, well, that is just icing on the cake!   

I am not a professional scrapper in any sense of the word.  I craft because it makes me happy (and because I refuse to pay $4.00 for a card at the store)!  My projects will be simple, easy to create layouts and cards. I would love your feedback and ideas for improvement.  My scrappy friends know that I am always asking for their input. 

The first project I am posting (!) is one of the Christmas cards I made for the Cards for Soldiers group on  The snowman is from the Smiley Cards Cricut cartridge and the background is from Paper Lace.  The face was created using a Peachy Keen stamp.  Hopefully this card will help keep you cool during the dog days of summer. Enjoy!