Wednesday, April 18, 2012


My younger son can never do anything just half way.  Everything need to be special, and that includes Valentines.  No store bought items for him!  He believes that all girls should get flowers on Valentines Day, so we made each girl in his class one.  The rose is from Rock Princess. 

The boys had to have something boy-like, and every since our trip of Roswell last year, my youngest has been in love with aliens.  As a result I had to buy Space Party, and this project gave me the excuse to use it.

Finally, the teacher had to have her cliche apple.  His teacher got two tubes of candy, one for her and one for her baby (she was pregnant at the time and has since had a beautiful baby girl). I used a Peachy Keen stamp on the face.  All the tubes are from Jaded Blossom which I filled with the Valentine M&Ms. 

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